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Fire detection and suppression technology has been an essential component of the data center industry since its inception. The ability to identify and extinguish fires quickly with minimal impact on people and IT systems is vitally important wherever computers are installed. Though technology has improved dramatically over the years, there are new challenges. The frequency […]

ChatGPT and the History of Colocation in Connecticut

Everybody is talking about ChatGPT; an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that has dominated the news for more than a year. This web-based application provides answers to questions, or prompts, in seconds. In many cases, ChatGPT’s responses are accurate and helpful. However, ChatGPT must be scrutinized because its information can be incomplete, misleading, or incorrect. Like […]

People Power: Our Connecticut Data Center

Though the CAPS’ data center in Shelton employs a highly redundant design and advanced automated monitoring technology, our skilled human resources are essential to our extraordinary service delivery record. Let us look at the role people play in powering our facility. Proper levels of power, temperature, humidity, security, and fire protection are all key to […]

MSPs and Colocation in Connecticut

There are more than 100 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Connecticut. The state also has 17 colocation data centers. Let us consider the changing ways MSPs and colocation providers collaborate to deliver critical IT infrastructure services to Connecticut businesses. MSPs provide a variety of information technology consulting services to clients. Some MSPs specialize in specific […]

Cabinets, Cages, and Colocation

Cabinets and cages are essential structural components in a colocation facility. They are where a client’s information technology systems are installed. Though decidedly “low tech,” these infrastructure elements provide a secure environment where air flow, temperature, and humidity levels may be controlled. Let us unlock some of the nuances of these enclosures as we consider […]

Firewalls at Colocation Facilities

Firewalls are critical security devices that filter Internet communications to block packets from blacklisted IP addresses and applications. Firewalls can be hardware-based or software-based. There are even virtual firewalls whose software is hosted on instances in the public cloud. Firewalls are ubiquitous. These security devices are found in corporate data centers, colocation facilities, and as […]

What’s New with Colocation Bandwidth

Internet connectivity is an essential component of colocation services. Over the past two decades much has changed regarding colocation bandwidth. Prices have dropped dramatically, and available bandwidth has risen. Some colocation providers began offering alternate variable pricing plans based on the amount of data transfer consumed each month in addition to the original model which […]

Email Data Backup In A Shifting Sea

Email has dramatically increased worker productivity. Ever since it was introduced in 1974 by Ray Tomlinson as part of the development of ARPANET, email has grown exponentially. Today, with over 3 billion email user accounts worldwide, it is arguably the most popular software application in existence. Email is Important but Data Backup Rates Are Low […]

Business Continuity Dedicated Seats Are Important

Business continuity is critically important for most organizations. Disruptions to operations can threaten a company’s existence. There are different approaches to providing a backup location if a primary site is down. Since COVID, the use of shared seats at a business continuity alternate site has declined as clients have become comfortable working from home and […]

Colocation Extras Make A Difference

Colocation data centers offer cost-effective IT hosting services to improve availability, performance, and security. Redundant power, temperature and humidity controls, high reliability Internet connections, and top-level security are required. Data center location and, of course, the cost of the services are key considerations. However, it is often the extra services that differentiate colocation providers. Though […]