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Saving Money On The Public Cloud With Colocation

The Public Cloud is widely popular but can be very expensive. Rising costs, complex pricing models, and the inability to predict monthly bills are forcing many organizations to look for ways to save money. A recent article in The Register told the story of a SaaS provider that saved $1.2 million per year by repatriating […]

Are SOCs Required at Data Centers?

SOC reports are audit reports that adhere to guidelines developed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). They are commonly used to provide an independent professional review of the operations of a service provider such as a data center. Let’s consider the value of SOC reports to clients seeking colocation, data backup, and […]

Dell APEX – Better Than The Cloud?

Servers don’t last forever. When a technology refresh is required, there are several options. New servers can be purchased, or workloads can be migrated to the public cloud to avoid the need to purchase systems. APEX, a new service from Dell, offers an attractive alternative whenever a server refresh is required. It combines many of […]

What’s Your Business Continuity Risk Appetite?

Did you know CAPS was one of the first companies in Connecticut to provide Business Continuity services? In 1995 the company began offering a secure alternate workplace for companies that wanted to minimize the risk of service disruptions. Though much has changed over the 27 years since CAPS first opened its doors, the need to […]

Seven Alerts for Colocation

Colocation data centers provide tenants with high availability, secure infrastructure hosting. They do this by leveraging investments in redundant power, environmental, networking, and security systems. Continuous monitoring of key parameters is critical to assure data centers function properly. Alerts are generated in real-time whenever a threshold is exceeded. Though there are many conditions that can […]

Data Backup in Connecticut – Just Right

Reliable offsite data backup and restoral is essential to respond quickly to potential disruptions. Whether online data is compromised by Ransomware or something else, the ability to recover a current clean copy is the key to minimizing costly business interruptions. Backup as a Service (BaaS) is popular for organizations looking to ensure they can recover […]

Late Night at a Connecticut Data Center

We often get questions at cocktail parties when people find out we work at a data center. They may ask us to explain colocation or to discuss the difference between a Private Cloud and the Public Cloud. The best offsite data backup practices are another popular topic. However, sometimes questions come from a darker place- […]

How Data Centers Handle Heat

July is usually the hottest month of the year in Connecticut, so this is a good time to consider how data centers cope with elevated temperatures. Heat is a byproduct of the power provided to servers and other IT systems at a data center. Effective heat management is essential because excessive heat can damage these […]

Bandwidth, Public Cloud, and Colocation

Colocation, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud are the three primary alternatives to hosting IT infrastructure on premises. Internet bandwidth availability and price is one of the most crucial factors to consider when determining where to locate IT systems. Bandwidth is the capacity of a communications circuit to transmit data. It is typically expressed in Megabits […]

Colocation Provides a Bridge to WFH

Colocation has been an important IT infrastructure option for decades. Recently, as a direct response to the COVID pandemic, there is a new reason to use colocation. COVID forced many employees to Work From Home (WFH) over the past 2 years. As WFH became more accepted, another use case for colocation has been identified. The […]