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7 Ways Colocation Improves Internet Service

Colocation, housing IT systems at third party data centers, is an effective way to increase data security, improve system availability, and save money. It also can improve interoperability, flexibility, and functionality by making available enhanced internet services. Though most organizations do not choose colocation primarily to improve their internet service, they are frequently surprised to […]

Business Continuity – Plan for the Unexpected

With the New Year, organizations are reviewing their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans to make sure they are ready to respond to an emergency. There are many different service threats to consider including- Loss of Power Interrupted Internet Service Inability to Gain Physical Access to Offices Cyber Security Breaches Though many disaster scenarios are […]

How Colocation Supports Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud Computing is one of the hottest IT topics these days. Hybrid Cloud is when multiple cloud service providers and/or cloud deployment models are used by a single organization. The hybrid cloud model seeks to optimize performance and cost savings. An example of hybrid cloud computing would be an AWS Public Cloud client that […]

Why CAPS Outperforms the Data Center Industry?

A recent study by the Uptime Institute reported about 30% of all surveyed data centers experience a significant outage each year. “Data center owners and operators know that on-premises power failures continue to cause the most outages (33%), with network and connectivity issues close behind (31%).” Though power and connectivity problems often are the cause […]

CT Labor Department Hosts Cyber Seminar

Connecticut’s Department of Labor hosted a breakfast seminar entitled, “Cyber Security- What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” on Thursday February 21st at their office in Wethersfield. The seminar was attended by professionals from the healthcare, banking, legal, construction, IT services and government industry sectors. Capital Community College Assistant Professor of Networking and Cybersecurity, Saaid […]

Colocation a No Brainer in Connecticut

Considering whether to build or expand your data center or relocate your IT systems to a colocation facility? In almost all cases, colocation is the better choice; especially for small to medium requirements. One reason is the cost and major capital expenditures required to build out a data center – even if only for a […]