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Colocation is More Secure Than the Public Cloud

Public Cloud services offer flexibility and scalability. However, Public Cloud security challenges are real. In most cases colocation offers a more secure environment. A recent survey by Proofpoint of over 600 organizations revealed the following troubling responses- 72% of the respondents said moving to the Cloud coupled with more mobile workforces has introduced new security […]

Servers Are Getting Hotter But Colocation is Cool

The dog days of summer are upon us. This season reminds us of the critical importance of data center air conditioning systems. Though intense summer heat puts server rack cooling systems to the test, protecting against rising cabinet temperatures is no longer a problem restricted to the summer. As the power densities in server racks […]

Colocation Relieves Connecticut’s IT Support Shortage

Connecticut suffers from an acute shortage of IT support personnel. It is hard to find and retain skilled engineers anywhere in the country. It is especially difficult here due to our high cost of living. Though many companies outsource IT support to Managed Service Providers, MSPs also struggle to hire capable and affordable technical talent. […]

Data Backup Helps Company Grow

Private Cloud Data Backup Artificial Intelligence and other technology have made it possible for a company in a mature industry (farming) to generate rapid growth. Applying advanced technology has improved product quality, saved money, and reduced time to market. To support its expansion, the company partnered with Blue Hill/CAPS to implement a secure Private Cloud […]

Backup to a Data Center Instead of the Cloud

Offsite Data Backup is Required The need to backup data to an offsite location is undeniable. Ransomware and other cyber attacks are increasing dramatically. Creating timely backups that can be restored quickly is one of the only ways to minimize the potentially devastating effects of a data breach. These backups must be made frequently and […]

Shelton is the Center of Connecticut’s Colocation Universe

Colocation is booming these days.  Moving IT infrastructure to a secure high availability data center with multiple internet service options assists Hybrid Cloud initiatives and mitigates Work From Home / Remote Work challenges. The value of colocation depends, to a large degree, on the location of the facility. The data center must be far enough […]

5 Data Backup Questions for Management

In recognition of World Backup Day, this March 31st, we are highlighting the essential role played by senior management in making sure organizations have proper data backup systems in place. Backup is a critical component of Corporate Risk Management and Business Continuity. Data backup plans are often necessary to fulfill corporate compliance requirements. Since data […]

Colocation Choices in Connecticut

Colocation is on the rise. Organizations are moving servers and other IT infrastructure to data centers to free up resources for Digital Transformation initiatives. In Connecticut there are more than a dozen different companies that provide colocation services ranging in size from large global corporations to small local operations. It is useful to segment the […]

Colocation in the Time of COVID

A year after the world was disrupted by COVID-19, there is a growing recognition that some of the changes brought about by the virus are here to stay. Though face masks may not become a permanent part of our wardrobe, remote work has gained widespread acceptance and is likely to become a standard way of […]

Colocation For Production or Backup?

Colocation services are CAPS’ bread and butter. Here in Connecticut, we have offered a secure and reliable data center in Shelton for clients to locate their servers, data storage, and communications systems since 1995. Colocation may be used to host production systems or backup systems; but which is most popular? In our experience, most clients […]