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Colocation Provides a Bridge to WFH

Colocation has been an important IT infrastructure option for decades. Recently, as a direct response to the COVID pandemic, there is a new reason to use colocation. COVID forced many employees to Work From Home (WFH) over the past 2 years. As WFH became more accepted, another use case for colocation has been identified. The […]

High Level Colocation in Connecticut

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a colocation service provider? Here is a short list- Redundant power Reliable air conditioning to control temperature and humidity levels Resilient internet connectivity with automatic failover Advanced security systems Remote Hands services Convenient location Location and Cost Drive Colocation Selection Power with back-ups, multiple environmental […]

Colocation is to Apartment as Public Cloud is to Hotel

The dictionary defines colocation as when two or more things are located together. When the term is used with respect to IT infrastructure, most IT professionals know we are talking about specific data center services. A colocation facility is a data center where multiple clients can move their servers and other equipment to improve availability, […]

For Predictability Choose Colocation

Senior management does not like surprises; especially budget overruns. That is why colocation is so appealing to CIO’s and CTO’s at small and medium sized businesses. Recognition that the Public Cloud can be more expensive than colocation is causing some organizations to repatriate workloads. The inability to accurately predict monthly expenses is another reason companies […]

Puzzled About Where to Put Hybrid Cloud Workloads?

Hybrid Cloud is fast becoming the data architecture of choice. Hybrid Clouds incorporate a mix of on-premises, colocation, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud resources. Using orchestration software and networking, a flexible, optimized architecture can be built. Characteristics of Public and Private Clouds Public Cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer flexibility […]

Colocation Mitigates Connecticut’s IT Staff Shortages

As the Pandemic subsides, Connecticut businesses are struggling to find workers. Information technology personnel are especially scarce in the Nutmeg State. Fortunately, colocation services can   help address these shortages. Hard to Find and Retain Workers in Connecticut A recent survey conducted by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association found 81% of employers in Connecticut said […]

Questions About Connecticut’s New Cybersecurity Law

Did you know Connecticut enacted a new cybersecurity law this month? Connecticut joined Ohio and Utah as one of just three states with legislation providing Safe Harbor protection against punitive damages when companies are sued for the consequences of a cyber breach. Connecticut Public Act No. 21-119 went into effect on October 1st. Titled “An […]

Colocation is More Secure Than the Public Cloud

Public Cloud services offer flexibility and scalability. However, Public Cloud security challenges are real. In most cases colocation offers a more secure environment. A recent survey by Proofpoint of over 600 organizations revealed the following troubling responses- 72% of the respondents said moving to the Cloud coupled with more mobile workforces has introduced new security […]

Servers Are Getting Hotter But Colocation is Cool

The dog days of summer are upon us. This season reminds us of the critical importance of data center air conditioning systems. Though intense summer heat puts server rack cooling systems to the test, protecting against rising cabinet temperatures is no longer a problem restricted to the summer. As the power densities in server racks […]

Colocation Relieves Connecticut’s IT Support Shortage

Connecticut suffers from an acute shortage of IT support personnel. It is hard to find and retain skilled engineers anywhere in the country. It is especially difficult here due to our high cost of living. Though many companies outsource IT support to Managed Service Providers, MSPs also struggle to hire capable and affordable technical talent. […]