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Email Data Backup In A Shifting Sea

Email has dramatically increased worker productivity. Ever since it was introduced in 1974 by Ray Tomlinson as part of the development of ARPANET, email has grown exponentially. Today, with over 3 billion email user accounts worldwide, it is arguably the most popular software application in existence. Email is Important but Data Backup Rates Are Low […]

Business Continuity Dedicated Seats Are Important

Business continuity is critically important for most organizations. Disruptions to operations can threaten a company’s existence. There are different approaches to providing a backup location if a primary site is down. Since COVID, the use of shared seats at a business continuity alternate site has declined as clients have become comfortable working from home and […]

Colocation Extras Make A Difference

Colocation data centers offer cost-effective IT hosting services to improve availability, performance, and security. Redundant power, temperature and humidity controls, high reliability Internet connections, and top-level security are required. Data center location and, of course, the cost of the services are key considerations. However, it is often the extra services that differentiate colocation providers. Though […]

How Real Estate Expenses in Connecticut Affect Colocation Costs

The cost of colocation services is dependent on many different factors. Labor costs for the skilled technical team that manages the data center can be high. Capital expenses for air conditioners, UPS systems, and generators are significant. Fire suppression systems, security systems, and monitoring tools are also costly. However, for most colocation data centers, the […]

Flexible Colocation Enables Hybrid Workplaces

Three years after COVID, organizations have adjusted to a new reality. Many workplaces are now hybrid. Some employees work remotely all the time while others come to the office several times a week but not every day. Moving IT systems out of an office to a third-party data center is known as colocation. Colocation can […]

HPC at Connecticut Colocation Data Centers

High Performance Computing (HPC) is in use across Connecticut. Our state is home to a variety of data intensive industries that rely on HPC systems. Though it is possible to host HPC instances in the Public Cloud, there are benefits to locating these powerful systems at colocation data centers. High Performance Computing, as the name […]

Digitalization To Fund Data Backup

March 31st is World Backup Day. World Backup Day was inaugurated in 2011 to create awareness about the importance of data backup and recovery. We celebrate this day at CAPS every year because offsite data backup is one of the core IT infrastructure services we offer from our data center in Shelton. Yet, even today, […]

Saving Money On The Public Cloud With Colocation

The Public Cloud is widely popular but can be very expensive. Rising costs, complex pricing models, and the inability to predict monthly bills are forcing many organizations to look for ways to save money. A recent article in The Register told the story of a SaaS provider that saved $1.2 million per year by repatriating […]

Are SOCs Required at Data Centers?

SOC reports are audit reports that adhere to guidelines developed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). They are commonly used to provide an independent professional review of the operations of a service provider such as a data center. Let’s consider the value of SOC reports to clients seeking colocation, data backup, and […]

Dell APEX – Better Than The Cloud?

Servers don’t last forever. When a technology refresh is required, there are several options. New servers can be purchased, or workloads can be migrated to the public cloud to avoid the need to purchase systems. APEX, a new service from Dell, offers an attractive alternative whenever a server refresh is required. It combines many of […]