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Shared and Dedicated Recovery Workstation Facilities

Our workstation solutions include are flexible scalable and can be configured to your business needs.  Whether it’s 4 monitors or specialized equipment, we can accommodate what makes your needs unique.  For dedicated seats you can provide your own hardware or utilized our VDI platform reduce cost and maintenance of your DR setup.  With our seats built on a VDI platform we can customize both shared and dedicated seat resources for your specific requirements.

Equipped with:

  • Phone connected to full featured and redundant Cisco Call Manager servers
  • Workstations with single or multiple displays
  • Client dedicated networking to ensure seats and their connection to customer’s environment is secure
  • Internet Access
  • Access to Office Equipment (Copier, Printers & Facsimile)
  • Access to On-site Conference / Breakout Rooms & Command Centers

For information on communication and network capabilities see Technology & Centers.

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