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What is Your Disaster Recovery Need?

CAPS offers a full complement of customized disaster recovery solutions which are modular in order to meet the needs of both SMB and large enterprises.

CAPS provides flexible, scalable and customizable, 24/7 disaster recovery and business continuity services in our state-of-the-art business continuity sites. CAPS strives to provide flexible solutions specific to each client’s unique requirements. This has resulted in leading companies in the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and security industries becoming our long-term clients.

CAPS provides the crucial backup options for your most critical resources:

  • Your people.  A safe and secure environment for your essential personnel.
  • Your data.  A secure hardened environment, complete with redundant power and environmental systems for comprehensive data center recovery.
  • Your network lifeline.  Redundant bandwidth with multiple carriers to ensure total business continuity.

CAPS Business Resiliency sites:

  • Are conveniently located in the Tri-state area with a focus on clients in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions
  • Are manned by disaster recovery professionals providing expert support in all aspects of business continuity, networking, and data recovery
  • Offer our clients extensive solutions and amenities during the recovery process
  • Provide liberal testing options to ensure our clients have ample opportunity to exercise their plans prior to any event

From migration planning and design of recovery strategies, to alternate site testing, to actual deployment during an event, CAPS Business Continuity experts guide and support its clients through each step.

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