Colocation is booming these days.  Moving IT infrastructure to a secure high availability data center with multiple internet service options assists Hybrid Cloud initiatives and mitigates Work From Home / Remote Work challenges.

The value of colocation depends, to a large degree, on the location of the facility. The data center must be far enough from where key employees work to minimize the risk of service disruption. Yet the site must be accessible for an organization’s IT team. For workloads where low latency is required, the proximity of the colocation site to end user locations is an important consideration.

There are more than a dozen colocation service providers across Connecticut. CAPS was one of the first.  The CAPS facility in Shelton opened in 1995. Shelton is an optimal location for many companies in search of a secure and cost-effective data center for colocation.

Shelton is a quick trip from the cities and towns along the coast from Greenwich to New Haven. The Shelton facility is also convenient for organizations along Route 84 from Hartford to Danbury. CAPS’ data center is under a mile from Route 8 and for most locations the trip to Shelton is traffic free. Here is the distance in miles to Shelton from various locations in Connecticut-

Bridgeport – 13                                     Danbury – 26                            Darien – 30

Fairfield – 18                                         Farmington – 42                       Glastonbury – 46

Greenwich – 40                                     Hartford – 48                            Madison – 31

Meriden – 29                                        Milford – 10                              New Britain – 40

New Canaan – 29                                  New Haven – 29                        New London – 58

Newtown – 16                                      Norwalk – 24                            Stamford – 35

Waterbury – 19                                     Westport – 22                           Wilton – 25

Though CAPS has colocation clients from New York City and even as far away as Florida, most are headquartered in Connecticut or Westchester County. Here are some examples-

Darien Financial Services Company

A registered investment advisor set up an offsite data backup facility at CAPS to meet compliance requirements. The trip from their office to CAPS is about a half hour.

Fairfield Media Company

The company needed a colocation facility that could handle their power and security requirements that was an easy commute for their staff.

Farmington Health Care Company

This fast-growing provider needed a secondary site that was far enough away to minimize the chance of a service disruption yet close enough so key employees can access systems in under an hour for annual Disaster Recovery tests.

New York City Health Food Company

This dynamic company required a data center that was at least 70 miles from its headquarters but was accessible for IT personnel. They saved a lot of money by repatriating database systems from the Public Cloud and collocating database servers at CAPS.

Shelton Services Company

An employment services company closed its office in Hartford and decided to move data backup storage systems to the CAPS data center to be near their IT team.

Stamford Consulting Company

The consulting company decided to stop leasing expensive office space in Stamford. They moved servers to CAPS to support their Work From Home initiative.  The trip to Shelton usually is against traffic when they need to access their systems.

When considering data centers in Connecticut, Shelton is often determined to be the best location. The leading colocation services provider in the region, with its data center in Shelton, is CAPS.