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Featured in Business in Focus Magazine – CAPS Servicing the North East Corridor from Shelton, CT.

Cloud Services

High internal IT costs are making it harder for IT departments to switch to an operating expense model. Moving to the cloud eliminates the capital expenses associated with end-of-life hardware, making the transition easier.

Our flexible, high-availability hosted and private cloud solutions scale to your company’s particular business and compliance needs while eliminating capital expenses. Learn more.


Business Continuity

Whether your model is B2B or B2C, your company needs to be available 24/365. When was the last time you updated your business continuity plan? CAPS Quick Start Program and certified contingency planners ensure your company is prepared for any disruption, natural or man-made. Learn more.


IT departments aligning more closely with strategic business initiatives are turning to data center and IT services providers for cost-effective help with managing non-core activities.

For many, the cost of building and maintaining an on-premise data center isn’t financially feasible. CAPS provides small- and medium-size businesses with the 24/365 availability, redundancy and security they need to remain compliant and functional. Learn more.

Disaster Recovery

The amount of data companies are capturing, analyzing and relying on has created a pressing need for better disaster recovery (DR) planning. Keeping data and applications safe and available 24/365, during any circumstances, requires the right DR plan.

Having a data center provider you trust to backup and restore critical data is key. CAPS’ modular DR solutions simplify and guarantee your resiliency planning, so you can stay focused on strategy and rest easier if, rather when, the unplanned happens. Learn more.


Managed Services

Companies wanting the operational agility delivered by the cloud, without the risks and the cost, turn to CAPS. We can layer on a variety of Managed Services on top of our cloud offering or work within our customers’ environments.  We can provide leading storage, hosted application and many other services. Learn more.

Storage Solutions

Easily create virtual drives for data or applications with all the safety and security of the private cloud.

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